strolling into collapsing times

This project begins with a first residency in Switzerland in 2022. It was an ideal place to step back and reflect on my artistic practice in terms of approach and method.
This allowed me to identify displacement and the spaces of displacement as recurring components of my work. The displacement of the body in different environments, the movement of natural elements and climate change, the exploitation of resources and the displacement of artefacts, migrations and cultural displacements, changes in our systems of thought.

Being on the move, putting fluid, intuitive thinking into motion; a working method imposes itself. Strolling without destination, random encounters, empirical research, collecting various materials and then freely associating, layering and assembling them to tell the story of a particular, ephemeral space and time. A constellation that produces new emanations as the different experiences unfold.

At a time when the deleterious impact of our lifestyles on the environment has been noted, the production of works requiring substantial material and energy resources is no longer relevant. Can the work be a simple suggestion, a stage in research, a trace, the expression of an idea without materialising it, or modest artefacts that are activated by dispersal and assert their low materiality or ephemeral nature?


Aug 2023 > Jan 2024


Mar > Mai 2022