no pictures


Taking pictures in Cairo is only possible in touristic sites.

Taking pictures of Cairo is a challenge.

A Cairo native confirms my first experiences:
 « It depends on the camera. With a mobile phone it’s fine, but you have to be careful. With a small camera, people ask questions. With a professional camera, the police ask questions. With a tripod, forget it! »

The notion or even the idea of strolling does not exist.

The streets are aggressive. Almost the only « public spaces », they are occupied by motorised vehicles moving at varying speeds or at standstill. « Those who walk » move around as best they can, adopting a jerky rhythm dictated by obstacles. « Those who can » move from one private space to another.

Public space is under surveillance. Cameras, police in uniform or plainclothes, security personnel, eyes sitting on the street corner scrutinising. The space outside is hostile. A goal is therefore essential. The stroll becomes a pedestrian journey, still strange but less suspicious.

To fade into the city and then extract myself from it.

My camera and tripod stood inside my home in Cairo. From inside, I took a series of shots looking outwards, capturing fragments of the outside world from a safe space.

Strolling in the city, I stole around 10’000 photos of Cairo, walking with my old mobile phone at my arm’s length. Blind shooting. Anyway, framing in this city is totally pointless!

This photographic material is meant to take a spatial or/and editing form.